Nadigaiyar Thilakam: A star is born

Nadigaiyar Thilakam or Mahanati, recreates an era that has gone by for the viewers of today and it is a joy to watch. Watch Nadigaiyar Thilakam to know what real actors are made of. Take your parents and let them relive an era they cherish. This is a piece of cinema that has to be experienced.

Revisiting The Courtesans of Bombay

The sound of ghunghroos would chime with a thumri in search of a long-lost love. The kotha is often a very romanticised space in Hindi cinema and has been the last refuge of a dejected lover. From Devdas and Pyaasa to Amar Prem and Pakeezah, the heroes have found “true love” in the arms of... Continue Reading →

The Casino in Madras

Casino, is a part of the movie viewing experience of an old timer in Chennai. In December 1941, it became a new venue in the cinematic experience of Madras when it opened with the British comedy It turned out nice again. 

Propaganda and Politics of Adimai Penn

A king has been dethroned through unfair means and a new reign of terror is in place. The rightful heir is unaware of his true potential. The suffering masses are waiting for the leader to find his calling and save them from an atrocious regime. The women are enslaved and are hopeful that one day,... Continue Reading →

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