Made for millennials

Corporate India is teeming with a new workforce that is rearing to go. This has made the work culture of the city more democratic, dynamic and full of zeal

The hair dressers of Madras

Back in 2012, I had written a story on Kerala Hair Dressers, a 75-year-old salon in Pondy Bazaar, in T Nagar. I had lost the story during the Chennai floods and couldn’t trace it again. Recently, when I wanted to get a haircut, I decided to go back to that place, for old time’s sake.... Continue Reading →


The last day of the telegraph service witnessed a range of reactions and emotions at the telegraph offices in Chennai A few more hours were left for it to live. 163 years is indeed more than a lifetime in today’s age when technology is changing at lightning speed. It was July 15 and it had... Continue Reading →


All I wanted to do was sleep. After a hard day’s work there was nothing more important for me than that and yet, it eluded me that night. There were too many mosquitoes around. I covered myself with a bed sheet and yet, they seemed to get in and bite me. The repellant seemed to... Continue Reading →

Mind my language

As Indians, we take to languages pretty easily. We grow up with more than one language around us. In my case, I grew up in a Tam-Brahm home in Kerala and hence had Tamil inside my home and Malayalam the moment I stepped out. In fact Malayalam is so entwined in my daily life that... Continue Reading →

Home is after all… home

Ever since I’ve started this blog, I’ve written a number of write-ups on some beautiful places I’ve visited like Fatehpur Sikri, Jhansi, Old Delhi and the city I now live in – Chennai. A short stay at my hometown over the last weekend made me realise that I’ve hardly written much about the place where... Continue Reading →

Friendship but not with regret

Messages will fly off the phones, facebook updates will be full-on, FM radio will be abuzz with dedications and malls will be abundant with them. Friendship Day is back. I don’t remember exactly when I began observing this day. For sure it’s not been more than 5-6 years. But perhaps it stuck the metros first... Continue Reading →

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