Watching history with World Cup

I’m writing this just minutes after India has won the 2011 ICC World cup. I’m not a cricket crazy Indian in the typical sense. There are times when I don’t even remember that there is a match for India against some team and there are times when I don’t bother about the final status of... Continue Reading →

In search of Ganga

I had boarded the Tamil Nadu express at 10pm. My break was over and I was headed towards my college. “Are you going to Delhi?” I asked him. He laughed at my question and climbed on to the upper berth and went off to sleep. I had always wanted to know what prompted foreigners to... Continue Reading →

Caught in a dichotomy

Claimer: To say that characters in this piece are purely fictitious would be a big lie. Any resemblence to people living or dead is purely purposeful. There are times when emotions surge with multiple components in them, such that it often becomes difficult to find out their exact nature. “One feels sad when your best... Continue Reading →

Good Old Directory

I really missed a few things over the past few days. First and foremost among them was my good old telephone directory. I had really forgotten its existence for the past one year, ever since I moved out of my home and depended solely on my mobile phone for making calls. Whenever my number was... Continue Reading →

Blogging all the way to glory

I realised a few days back that I have successfully completed more than an year as a blogger. I came across the term blogging around two years back when I heard the news that the government was planning to monitor the contents of the blogs. The entire blogging community had come up in arms against... Continue Reading →

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