The last day of the telegraph service witnessed a range of reactions and emotions at the telegraph offices in Chennai A few more hours were left for it to live. 163 years is indeed more than a lifetime in today’s age when technology is changing at lightning speed. It was July 15 and it had... Continue Reading →


All I wanted to do was sleep. After a hard day’s work there was nothing more important for me than that and yet, it eluded me that night. There were too many mosquitoes around. I covered myself with a bed sheet and yet, they seemed to get in and bite me. The repellant seemed to... Continue Reading →

Mind my language

As Indians, we take to languages pretty easily. We grow up with more than one language around us. In my case, I grew up in a Tam-Brahm home in Kerala and hence had Tamil inside my home and Malayalam the moment I stepped out. In fact Malayalam is so entwined in my daily life that... Continue Reading →

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