The Casino in Madras

Casino, is a part of the movie viewing experience of an old timer in Chennai. In December 1941, it became a new venue in the cinematic experience of Madras when it opened with the British comedy It turned out nice again. 

The Curious Corner on Mount Road

This was published previously in The Economic Times, Chennai, to mark the Madras Week celebrations Generations of lovers of English literature have grown up reading The Old Curiosity Shop,the Charles Dickens classic, which describes the life of Nell Trent and her grandfather who together run a shop of odds and ends in England. Around 70... Continue Reading →

In Ghalib’s Delhi

It is quite interesting to see the past, the present and signs of the oncoming future jostling for space and living amidst a riot of colours, permeating the air with ebullience. Being in Old Delhi gives you exactly that feeling. Glamorised and popularised in the recent past through the likes of Dilli-6, Old Delhi, like... Continue Reading →

Journey within a journey

There is nothing spectacular about a journey in a train, one may say. But the fact remains that for a man with an eye for discovery, every journey can turn out to be spectacular. But this is not about the journey from a starting point to a destination. This is about a journey within the... Continue Reading →

Winning hearts in Fatehpur Sikri

“Will you listen to my Shayri?” asked a tiny girl, with a smile that exposed the broken tooth behind her lips. I refused with a smile and walked on. A man approached us soon and offered to show us the entire city of Fatehpur Sikri for a hundred rupees, thus saving some money for our... Continue Reading →

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