Good Old Directory

I really missed a few things over the past few days. First and foremost among them was my good old telephone directory. I had really forgotten its existence for the past one year, ever since I moved out of my home and depended solely on my mobile phone for making calls. Whenever my number was to be exchanged with an acquaintance, I would simply pull out my phone and store it in the contact list. In fact, I only knew my residence number by heart. But there was a time when my capacity to recollect numbers was envied upon and I’m sure there were many like me who were proud of their ability to recollect numbers. With the arrival of an inbuilt directory in the cell phone, this ability became out of date.
But I felt stranded all of a sudden, when even after relentlessly rummaging around through my pockets and bags upon disembarking from the bus, I could not find my mobile phone. In a new city, with many new contacts, I felt distraught. I rushed to my office, borrowed the phone of a colleague and tried calling my number. The intention of the person in whose hands my phone had fallen became quite clear when I frozenly heard the message “The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off”. It was gone for good. The next thing to do was block my number completely. In a city like Delhi, you never know where a terrorist is looming around. At the suggestion of a friend, I even decided to lodge an FIR. So I went, for the first time in my life, to a Police Station. The FIR was not lodged as the policeman told me to lodge a complaint in the area where I lost it. Now in the 35km stretch from Greater Noida to Delhi, where exactly did I lose it?
I sat without a clue about all the contacts I had. Suddenly I was cut off from the world. Orkut and Gtalk were of some help. Mails apprising my friends of my current situation was quickly sent. You realise how important you are when people reach out to contact you. But what if they sigh relief saying “Good Riddance!”?
The replies that poured in read thus “So sad! How did you lose it and where?” Now I really wished I knew how I lost it. Perhaps they wanted to know the story behind the ‘Great Mobile Treachery’, where the hero of the drama (yours truly) is purged of his invaluable possession by a faceless villain and is left desolate and marooned, hoping for an angel to drop down to save his treasure. But the story ends tragically with the commiserations of all the near and dear ones.
The saving grace was the spare phone lent to me by my friend till I got a new one, but not before being cautioned against losing this one too. As the old numbers got ready to be poured in the new bottle, I made it sure that it went through the pages of the directory. But I didn’t have one. I bought a new one, which I felt was after a long time, and made the entries one after another. But for two days till got a new phone, I had to repeat the same story a zillion times to whoever asked me for my number.
On relating the whole incident to a friend, he gave me a piece of his mind on ‘how not to lose a mobile’ for a while, before he signed off saying “Never mind… even I lost three phones. By the way, how did you lose it?”
(This article was published in the ‘Time Out’ column of The New Indian Express)

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  1. I have lost two…. It could have been three…. but third time a good rickshaw driver returned it….

    First time…. I did file a FIR so that I could get the same number… as that was the time i was looking for a job and I had given the number in all my resumes…

    But second time it got lost i just blocked it and this time the service provider didn’t ask for a FIR

    Third time I lost was back in May 2007, but it got back to me… and since then its with me


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