Surabhi with Siddharth Kak – A Podcast

For over 11 years, Surabhi brought to the masses the story of India and its rich heritage in a way seldom seen on Indian television. Every Sunday, Siddharth Kak and Renuka Shahane entered the drawing rooms of millions of Indians, as they showcased stories of India’s incredible culture on Doordarshan. In this episode, Siddharth Kak goes back in time as he shares with me the origins of Surabhi, the flood of postcards from readers, some enthralling moments from the rich showcase and what it will take to make a Surabhi again.

You can listen to it in Hindi on Hubhopper, Spotify , Castbox and Google Podcasts

You can listen to the English episode on Hubhopper, Spotify and Castbox.

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