The diary of a spy

The story of a spy is always intriguing and exciting. Saraswathi Rajamani’s exploits are no exception. This gutsy woman, who fought in the Indian National Army of Subash Chandra Bose and worked as a spy for many years, now lives in Chennai, her story almost lost in the pages of history

Many hats of Cho Ramaswamy

   It is election time and political gurus are much in demand for their golden bytes. History is witness to the fact that great rulers were propped up by the far-sightedness of king-makers, who could foresee the long-term implications of the decisions they made. In the Indian context, Cho Ramaswamy has been a personality hard... Continue Reading →

Diary of a Malayali voter

I arrived in Thrissur, Kerala on the day the state was slated to go for the Lok Sabha polls. I got down the train and the town greeted me with numerous banners, mostly projecting a sickle and hammer, along with a few hands coming out with a new set of promises and lotuses. Many roads... Continue Reading →

Random observations

Touch me not: A K Anthony’s report analysing the reasons behind the failure of the Congress in the UP elections have been submitted and stashed away. The Congress had projected the UP polls as the semi-final for Rahul’s ascension to power in 2014. With the Congress biting the dust, Rahul immediately owned up responsibility for... Continue Reading →

Random Ruminations

Sonia Gandhi wept on seeing the photos of the Batla House encounter, if we are to believe the statement of the Law Minister Salman Khursheed. How sad for Her Highness Madame Sonia to have shed tears for the hapless men, outrageously labeled as terrorists, by our devilish police force. The act of our policemen can... Continue Reading →

Back to TINA?

I like the story "35 years ago" that comes with every issue of the magazine India Today. Sometimes the contrast between then and now tells a pitiful transition of some things. Like that of the BJP. 20 years back, the party was at the zenith of its Ram fever and had formed a government in... Continue Reading →

Vignettes from Freedom Park: The Anna saga

A few snapshots from the gathering at Freedom Park in Bangalore during this weekend. The masses were swelling by the hour. But what struck me were these interesting placards. Some of them were bordering around hagiography, some were plain, some melodramatic and a few highly imaginative. Enjoy these vignettes of a movement. The warning label... Continue Reading →

The Anna hysteria

Gandhi topis are everywhere. There is a new face in every poster. He does not look sophisticated, urban and is definitely not young. But the headlines are constantly screaming his name. Shopkeepers are voluntarily closing down their shops in protest. The dabbawalas of Mumbai have stalled work for the first time. At the age of... Continue Reading →

When Politics met cinema

Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti has finally hit the theatres. Easy parallels are being drawn between the characters in the movie and the forces dominating the political scenario today. But it was not so easy in the pre-independent times for film makers to pass political comments through their works. Political movies have always been there. But their... Continue Reading →

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