Vignettes from Freedom Park: The Anna saga

A few snapshots from the gathering at Freedom Park in Bangalore during this weekend. The masses were swelling by the hour. But what struck me were these interesting placards. Some of them were bordering around hagiography, some were plain, some melodramatic and a few highly imaginative. Enjoy these vignettes of a movement.
The warning label

This is more like Rajnikanth

Deewar comes back!
The chakki of corruption

Now you know why India lost to England in the Test series

A patient’s plea

Along Bapu’s footsteps

Anna the saviour, freeing India from Corruption

The trinity

A parent’s plea though a child
What this movement will lead to is yet to be known. But these images will refuse to fade away for a long time to come.

4 thoughts on “Vignettes from Freedom Park: The Anna saga

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  1. Interesting to see all the messages!
    But I am a skeptic, when it comes to this movement – it started of with one intention, people have taken it to be something else, and I think the line between cause and the persona are blurring. Now, I just shrug my shoulder and move on. I hate to see debates/discussions regarding this (or whatever passes in that name) on TV. Too many people saying too many things. Ah well. That's just me, I guess.


  2. I understand Vini… But every such movement gives me a hope that everything is not over yet. It is that optimism that keeps me going

    @Anonymous Thanks Hemanth!


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